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For the everyday cyclist.

We supply stuff for the everyday cyclist. We don’t mean “everyday” like something “commonplace,” “unremarkable,” or “ordinary”.
We mean the person that gets out and rides everyday or almost everyday: Using their bike for commuting, for work, for errands, for fitness, for sport, for touring, for adventures, or just for the joy of riding.
Because when you ride everyday, you grow to appreciate stuff that is versatile, tough, long-lasting and makes every ride a little better.

How we roll

Because we specialise in high quality niche products, we roll a a bit differently from most other online stores, and we like it that way.
To keep costs down for you (and for us) we don't carry much stock locally, but rather import on demand. 
We do quarterly imports and work on a 50% upfront payment with the balance on delivery. 
Please feel free to contact us if you'd like advice on any of the products or want to know when we're placing our next order.

We also distribute and provide wholesale prices to independent bicycle shops in South Africa.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Adventure Cycling

Whether it's taking a long way home, discovering a new trail or packing your bags and going out for night or more. The most fun you can have with your bike is when you're out on adventures.

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Why choose steel?

With intelligent engineering you can make a good bicycle frame from a wide range of materials, such as: aluminium, carbon fibre, titanium, wood or bamboo, but our favourite is steel. 

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Custom builds

Sure you can get a good off-the-shelf bike, but building a custom bike makes for a fun project and you end up with something unique that suits you perfectly.

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