Wheels & Tires

Will you be riding on rough mountains, smooth roads, soft sand, dirt roads or a bit everything? Will you be racing , commuting, going on adventures, doing fitness training or just having fun? Answers to the previous questions will usually dictate the type of wheels and tires you need. Wheel size and tire volume affect the feel of the bike more than any other factor ( but generally not it’s speed). Skinny tires and smaller wheels will accelerate faster and give you a more buzzy connected to the road feeling but they can be fatiguing and don’t hold momentum well. Wider tires are more comfortable, they offer superior cornering and grip and allow you to go faster when roads get rough. We generally recommend supple wider tires with a wheel size that suits your frame size and the terrain you intend riding. Supple light tires usually feel the best but are usually not that durable, so as with all your bike building decisions, you need to decide where to compromise.

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