Frames & Forks


Soma have a wide range of very well designed steel frames to suit a variety of riding styles. No weird geometries, just what we ourselves would like to ride. They're all made using Tange Prestige butted CrMo steel. Tange’s heat-treatment process offers incredibly strong frames at a fair price. And the ride is lively and smooth like buttah.  

Other factors that set SOMA frames apart from mass production bikes: they are not mass production, Soma frames are all hand-welded, not robot-welded, and while others may make 5000-15,000 units of a single model in a year, SOMA will make only 200-300; they have size specific rakes on forks, a large size range so taller/shorter riders are not neglected; they have low-key graphics that don’t make you feel like you are riding a billboard.

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